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7 - Adding CSS and Javascript files in Oxygen Builder



Since Oxygen Builder disables themes, there is an option to relocate functions.php.
If you need to add css and javascript files in Oxygen Builder globally you can do it with a plugin called My Custom Functionality.

Install Downloaded Plugin

This is the official procedure to install a plugin that is not in the official Wordpress repository.
The first thing you have to do is to download the plugin to a known location

1- Upload

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Click on Upload Plugin to upload the plug-in to your Wordpress
In this link you can download the complement

2- Select

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Select the add-in where it was previously downloaded by navigating to the location

3- Search

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find the file my-custom-functionality-master.zip . that you downloaded earlier

4- Install

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Install the previously selected my-custom-functionality-master.zip add-in by clicking on Install Now 

5- Activate

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Activate the plug-in to be able to use it by clicking on Activate.
Finalizando este procedimento estamos listos para usar el plugin 

Using the plugin 

Using an FTP client such as Filezilla or directly with the file manager provided by the hosting provider, we have to edit the plugin.php file to add the necessary code and upload the corresponding CSS and Javascript files.

Edit Files

1- FTP Client

Oxy How To Oxygen Builder
The hosting provider has to provide an FTP User and its corresponding Password.
With them we enter the assigned space navigating to /wp-content/plugins/my-custom-functionality-master to edit the plugin.php file where we put the necessary code.

2- File Manager

Oxy How To Oxygen Builder
We can also access the file manager to edit, upload, copy, delete and download files from any browser. 

The most popular ones are cPanel, Webmin, Cyber Panel 

Upload Files

1- FTP Client

Oxy How To Oxygen Builder

2- File Manager

Oxy How To Oxygen Builder

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