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2 - Remove pagination for Repeater Queries in Oxygen Builder



The Repeater component in Oxygen Builder shows pagination out of the box when the WP Query type is set to custom with a fixed number of Posts per page for the Count (provided of course there are more entries to be shown).
Let’s take this example where we set 5 entries of a portfolio CPT (Custom Post Type) to be shown:

Custom configuration 

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Sample output on the frontend (with the entry title added inside the Repeater Div
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Let’s say the requirement is to show only 5 posts without the pagination.
To remove the pagination, display can be set to none in the CSS. But there is a better way than hiding stuff under the carpet.
Change the Query type to manual and append &no_found_rows=true to the Query Params.

Manual configuration 

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Setting no_found_rows to true will fetch exactly the specified number of posts from the database.
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You need to make sure the actual query part, post_type=portfolio posts_per_page=5 reflects what you wish to set.



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