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OxyExtras Adjacent Posts

OxyExtras Adjacent Posts Build dynamic links to previous & next posts visually. Add featured images, post titles, icons and labels with generous style options for every element.

General Settings

Post to dispaly

Allows to choose to show either just the previous post, just the next post or both (which is the default).

Only display posts in same taxonomy?

Allows you to show what type of taxonomy to display

Post Width (when only one post)

Allows you to set the width of the element when there is no previous post


Choose the type of post we want to display
Previous, current and next have the same category
Current and next have the same tag
in this case none of them have

IDs of Terms to Exclude

Used to exclude specific publication IDs from appearing
Previous, current and next have the same category

Hover Background Color

Change background color when pointer is over it

Stack Posts Below

Position one below the other with a configured size


Post Title Display

Change the display of titles Tag: the type of the Heading

Example of use

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