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4 - Blank theme for Oxygen Builder



You should know that when Oxygen Builder is active, the WordPress theme is completely ignored.

So I guess it doesn't make much sense to keep a default WordPress theme or any other theme installed.

The original author created a blank theme to be used with Oxygen Builder.

The theme is called GHOST and follows the WordPress guidelines for theme development.

Why download Ghost theme?

Here are some great reasons to install Ghost:

  • No notification of theme updates
  • No notification of theme translation updates
  • Compatible with all future versions of WP and Oxygen Builder
  • Fewer files in your WordPress installation

What's inside the theme

Being an empty theme there are the files that are strictly necessary to make sure that it is recognized as a theme by the WordPress core, and therefore that you can install it.

There is also a surprise...
...Included in the theme is the Flickity library, very useful for creating sliders and carousels in Oxygen Builder.

How do I install the Ghost theme?

It installs like any other WordPress theme:

  • Download the theme
  • Go to Appearance > Themes and click "Add New".
  • Click on "Upload" and select the Ghost theme you downloaded (the whole .zipper folder)
  • Click on "Install" and then on "Activate".

At this point you can delete all other installed themes.

Download Ghost theme

You can download the Ghost theme from here:

Download  Ghost 
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